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Electric Juicer 6 Blade Rechargable Portable USB Bottle Blender Shaker Juicer A 2000 Juicer Mixer Grinder

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  • Add water or milk, make them lower than 80% of the bottle

  • Using ways of this portable juicer are not limited. It will not be limited by the angle of putting.

  • Turn over the juicer for 45 degree or 180 degree to release the cutter head. Press the switch button and wait until the cutter head rotates, then adjust it back to the right position.

  • How to Use : Cut small pieces of fruit no more than 1.5 cm

  • Shaking and stirring are acceptable. More ways are waiting for you to develop.

    Fresh smoothie. Various fruits can be mixed with water, milk and any kind of liquid. Your 24-hour vitamin, dietary fiber, and water supplier. Protein shakes, milkshakes. Add protein powder, water/milk, etc. to provide you with energy and nutrition anytime, anywhere. Breakfast, oatmeal. Add some oats, whole wheat, water/milk, etc. You can enjoy a healthy and energetic breakfast in 5 minutes. Yogurt, fruit sundae, acai bowl... whatever you say! Steps for usage: Step 1:Cut the fruit to 1*1 inch, put it in the cup, and fill it with about 60% of the cup. After adding water/milk to the blender, the amount of water in the cup is about 80% Step 2:Aim the arrow at the switch, double-click to use Step 3:Tilt the machine at a 45° angle and double-click the on/off button. Step 4:Turn the blender upside down and shake the bottle gently to make it more delicious. Specification: Cup Material: BPA Free PCTG food grade Blade Material: 6 blades 304 stainless steel Battery Capacity: 2 x 2000mAh Rotation Speed: 22000 rpm±15% Rated Power: 30W (loading power) Bottle Capacity: 380ML Package Included: 1* On-the-go Portable Blender 1* USB Cable 1* User Manual

    Portable & Easy to Carry

    This little body light weight design is easy for you carry it to school, office, parks, camping, anywhere you want to. and it also convenient for charge by power bank, laptop, computer, car or other USB devices.

    Rechargeble Battery

    It also convenient for charge by power bank, laptop, computer, car or other USB devices. It has 6-blade 304 stainless steel blade on the bottom of bottle, so that you can make a cup of fresh and delicious juice by yourself. Perfect for travelling, business trip or other outdoor activities use.

    USB Bottle Blender Shaker!!!

    1. The portable blender need to charge 2.5 hours and the light will turn from red (charging) to blue (full/ready to use).

    2. Cut the fruit/vegetables into small chunks(recommended not larger than 2cm) to prevent getting stuck on blade and preventing blade from operating freely.

    3. Recommend put the fruit into cup should not exceed the max line.

    4.Prohibited no water idling, affecting the juicer service life. Add some water or milk thing when you blend hard fruit and ice cubes.

    5.When you are install the cup into blender base, make sure the black arrow point at the switch and indicator light.

    6. When we are blending, the blade will stop in 20s, it is normal and just keep press the button is okay.

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