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Package Item - One Flame Lighter With Gas Bottle With One Peeler And One Knife. 

Feature Safety Lock- Lock And Unlock Switch, Can Maintain Flow Of Flame By + To -

Switch. Safety Lock - To Keep Safe From The Little Ones. Lighter Gas Refill, Metal Flame With Plastic Body, Gun Lighter. 

Uses - Lighter Gas Refillable And Adjustable Flame Gas Kitchen Lighter For Kitchen Stove Use For Candel, Diya, Tea Light Household Use. Flame Lighter For Gas Stove Use And Barbecue Lighter Fluid.

Now Light Effortlessly - Your Candles, Your Agarbattis, Your Puja Lamps, Your Mosquito Coils, Your Barbeques And Of Course Your Gas Stoves 

Material : Plastic,Stainless Steel,Bbq Lighter.

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