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  • Portable 5ml Mini Refillable Perfume Empty Spray Bottle


    The shell of atomizer is made of high quality aluminum and the inside of durable acrylic.


    Innovated design with a valve on the bottom of perfume atomizer, different from the common atomizer, it’s easy to refill


    The window on the side of the Atomizer Perfume Bottle allows you to monitor the amount of liquid and replenish it in time


    Perfect for storing your perfume on travel. Give you a fresh perfume spray when you are on the go all day.

    Fine Nozzle

    This perfume atomizer bottle is portable and easy to carry. Simply place the bottom against your preferred scent gauge and keep clicking until it is refilled. simple to use and refill.

    Because the atomizer's outside shell is constructed of high-quality metal and the interior is plastic, you won't have to worry about it breaking if you drop it; it will be sturdy.


    Refillable portable perfume bottle atomizer for travel perfect for men and women’s most of perfume.5ml/pcs.

    It is the perfect size to fit in your handbag or pocket thanks to its lightweight aluminium construction.

    Because the little perfume atomizer's shell is composed of strong aluminium and ABS plastic, you don't have to worry about it breaking if you drop it.

    Easy to use

    Step 1 : Unplug the small lid of the perfume nozzle.

    Step 2 : Point the bottom of the sub-bottling to the nozzle of the perfume.

    Step 3 : Press up and down to the bottle full.Refillable - Travel perfume bottle refillable with a valve on the bottom of atomizer, mini spray bottles with easy pump-to-fill technology, rapidly refill in seconds from the bottom, easily remove.Pump up and down firmly until full, but Do not over fill.

    Premium Quality - The shell of perfume atomizer is made of high quality aluminum and the inside of durable PP material, ot easily susceptible to leaking, scratches, or breaking. so you don’t need to worry it will be broken when drop onto the floor, it’s durable.

    Great Usage - Our refillable perfume & cologne fine mist atomizers are the perfect solution for traveling with your favorite fragrances, essential oils and aftershaves. Sprays a fine mist for even coverage.

    Visual Design - The refillable perfume bottle has a window to monitor volume of your perfume easily. Come in 8 different colors and help with organizing your different scents.

  • Handy Travel Size - 80 mm length X 17mm diameter; 5 ml capacity and 0.5 ounces weight; Mini and easy to carry.

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