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Drawer Type Egg Storage Box, Egg Storage Container For Refrigerator, A Good Place For Eggs.

Food Grade Plastic Material: This egg carton is made of high-quality food-grade plastic. It uses a drawer-type design that is smooth, dust-proof and moisture-proof, simple and durable.

Simple Practical Design: The drawer-type rolling egg box has a long groove design to prevent collisions, and the remaining eggs will automatically roll off after being taken out, which is convenient for next use. With time table, you can record the freshness of eggs and remind you of their freshness.

Warm Storage Reminder: Putting the small end of the egg down during storage can effectively prevent the egg from going bad and prolong the storage time.

Large Volume and Stackable: One pack egg holder can hold 18-21 eggs and we can free combination and multi-layer stacking with the same or different color egg containers, storage orderly, save space and solve your storage problem.

Easy to Clean: The egg holder can be cleaned easily with warm water and little cleaning soap; This is reusable egg container.

Groove design

Anti-extrusion and anti-collision, stable placement

Timeline design

Clear at a glance, record fresh time anytime, anywhere

Breathable hole design

Hollow design on both sides is good for the preservation of eggs.

Drawer Type Egg Storage Box, Refrigerator Egg Tray, Egg Tray Container with Date Reminder

Drawer design: The egg storage box adopts a unique drawer design, which makes it easy to pull, not only convenient, but also dust-proof and moisture-proof. Our new drawer type egg storage box can hold 18 eggs in one layer. It can solve your storage problem.

Anti-crush and collision: The long groove is suitable for the shape of the egg to prevent the egg from cracking due to rolling and collision of the egg.

Space saving: The egg storage box can be stacked for storage, neat and beautiful, saving space, and keeping the refrigerator in order.

Breathable hole design: The hollow design on both sides of the egg storage box prevents the eggs from deteriorating due to hot flashes.

Record freshness: The egg storage box has a freshness mark table to remind you of the freshness of the eggs.

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